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Road Trip Advice: What to See and What to Miss

Road Trip Advice: What to See and What to Miss

When you’re on a road trip, the point of getting in a car and driving is usually to see sights along the way and to spend time with a few close people. However, road trips are as American as consumerism is; which means that there are a lot of places advertised to road trippers that just don’t meet the mark.

To preserve the authentic, exciting feel of a traditional road trip, make sure you’re smart about where you stop and what places you drive past. Of course, the best way to view a lot of these sites is to store your stuff in a bag storage facility for the day while you’re exploring!

Miss: Crowded Tourist Traps

Tourist areas are usually a waste of your money and time. Everything is overpriced, there are too many people around for you to have any sense of adventure, and the actual sight is usually underwhelming.

For example, the USA Niagara Falls are the lesser falls, but the place has been hyped up so much, that people still go to see it. Set your standard a little higher instead.

See: Natural Obscure Landscapes

Look for natural landscapes that are off-the-beaten-path instead. Plan to go to places that aren’t over-marketed and less touched by mankind. These locations will offer you a lot more travel gratification and will probably cost you less money and time.

For example, the Apostle Islands in Wisconsin or Fly Geyser, Nevada are just two examples of natural wonders in the US that are more obscure.

Miss: Fast Food Joints

Look, if you’re on the road, it may be the right time to give up on Chick Fil-A or Burger King. Every region and state in the US has it’s own distinctive food profile, which is what you should be exploring instead of loading up on food you can get back home too.

Fast food is a good option for an on-road dinner or early breakfast, but if possible, you should avoid it.

 A front facing view of Ruby’s Diner at Huntington Beach, CA.

See: Hole-in-the-Wall Legendary Restaurants

There are family-owned legendary restaurants in just about every state. These restaurants are usually local favorites and have been churning out mouthwatering food for decades. For the true local experience, always look for these kinds of places.

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit in Charleston or Eat-Rite Diner in St. Louis are some of the best examples of these eateries.

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