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Selecting an Austin Beach for Your Day Out

Selecting an Austin Beach for Your Day Out

Texas has a coastline spanning 370 miles—much of it bordering the Gulf of Mexico. The rest of it you can find right in the capital of the state: in Austin.

Austin’s a great place for food, but it’s also almost always sunny in Austin—and the sun is best enjoyed on the beach. Luckily for you, Austin has quite the variety to offer.

Of course, when you’re choosing a beach, you want to look at a number of factors: beach amenities, quality, and the sights. You also want them to be accessible and safe.

City Park or Emma Long Park Beach

One of the city’s more popular beach destinations, you’ll find City Park on Western Austin Hills. City Park is a shallow water beach that borders the blue shores of good ol’ Lake Austin. If you like going to beaches that are more “happening,” you’ll find lots here: kayaking, picnicking, sand-castle-ing, and so on.

This beach is always bustling with people—friends and family alike. If you fear desolated places, you’ll love this one.

Shoal Beach

Shoal Beach in Austin

When you talk about natural paradises, it doesn’t get better than Shoal Beach at Town Lake Metropolitan Park. Bordering the Gulf of Mexico, this beach is a peculiar place: it’s set against the backdrop of tall Austin buildings in the background and blue, clear waters in the foreground. There’s some greenery here, the clouds are always out—candy floss in the air, and the walkways make for nice little leisure locations for you to spend some quality time.

Lake Pflugerville Beach

Lake Pflugerville Beach is for those who love to sunbathe—and it isn’t just for sunbathers either. You’ll find several people lounging about, kayaking, windsurfing, canoeing, and more. And it isn’t just the water that’s bustling with activity. On the shore, too, you’ll find people cycling, jogging, walking, and doing lots more.

It’s a nice, cozy place with quite a lot of buzz during the day—which means you can have a great personal picnic here.

Secret Beach

If you’re the fun-loving kind, you’d want to get down to a place that takes some time finding. Fortunately for you, Austin’s got just the offering: a secret beach. It’s so secret that it’s literally called Secret Beach—and it’s pretty hard to find.

However, if you are trying to find it, it’s on Grove Boulevard. Secret, serene, scintillating: this beach is lovely if you’re the quiet kind. It’s a great place to spend the afternoon—but there’s a catch: you can’t swim here. It isn’t allowed.

And if You’re Planning to Sea an Austin Beach . . .

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