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Spring Break in Atlanta: 5 Incredible Events That Await You

Spring Break in Atlanta: 5 Incredible Events That Await You

Who says spring break has to be expensive and a pain to get through? What if we told you you could go to Atlanta for your spring break, have a lot of fun, and not even spend that much money?

Because it can totally be done.

Visit a Park

Among the absolutely free things that you can do in Atlanta, you have parks. There are a number of parks located within the premises, and all offer you a place where you can spend time peacefully with your family. If you have children, you might want to visit a park that has playgrounds. If not, you have paths, ponds, grassy carpets, and benches in all parks. Relaxing in one of these parks with a few light things to eat can be very relaxing—and very memorable.

And it’s completely free!

Visit a Festival

Check before arriving, but even then, we think you will find quite a number of events taking place here in Atlanta in the spring. From music festivals to art exhibits, there is a lot that you can find to thoroughly entertain yourself. Plan in advance and always make sure you check if the event is charged or free. At any rate, nothing that is planned for the general public is charged too highly.

Eat at a Nice Place

chicken and waffles as found in Atlanta

Atlanta is known for a lot of food items, which you won’t find elsewhere so easily. Some of these food items include pulled pork barbecue, Brunswick stew, chicken and dumplings, and fried chicken and waffles. We’d highly recommend that you find a place where you can find one of these unique offerings and gorge on unique Atlanta cuisine.

And when you’re all full and ready for dessert, move on to sweet potato pie!

The Atlanta Zoo

Do children really love anything other than seeing wild animals? The Atlanta Zoo is a popular place where people take their children. Since it has so many different species of animals, it’s no wonder people find themselves in Atlanta Zoo whenever they’re down here.

The Georgia Aquarium

Much like the zoo, the Georgia Aquarium is often flooded by people who bring their children to see the many marine species housed here. If you’re lucky, you might even get a dolphin show. Regardless, the Georgia Aquarium is sure to cheer any child up!

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