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The 4 Best Outdoor Activities to Do in Austin

The 4 Best Outdoor Activities to Do in Austin

After months and months of being holed up inside, we’re all desperate for a little fresh air.

Now that things are beginning to settle down a little and human beings have figured out ways to work around the pandemic and survive, it’s time for you to get your dose of fresh air with a range of thrilling outdoor actives in Boston (with the proper SOPs and precaution, of course!)

So pack your bags, book your flight to Austin, and check out these fun outdoor activates that will give you the taste of what it means to be alive!

Go Underground

Caves aren’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fun, but they do when you’re in Austin. From those tucked away at Georgetown’s Inner Space Cavern to the Barton Creek Greenbelt and Westcave Reserve, there are numerous caves that have been around for thousands of years just waiting to be explored.

Spend a Day at the Lady Bird Lake

Lady Bird Lake is situated ten miles of the Hike and Bike trail and offers a range of water activities for you to do in the lake water. It’s the perfect destination for a small family picnic and taking a stroll along the river banks. And if you’re in the mood for a short cruise, the place rents out canoes and kayaks too!

Take a Hike through a Tropical Forest

Ah, the green! Oh, how we missed you when we were stuck in quarantine. From the dirt’s earthy aroma to the chirping of the birds that sound like music to our ears, the unusual overgrown vegetation of the Palmetto State Park is a whole different world!

Stargazing At the Pedernales Falls State Park

The Pedernales Falls State Park is just the kind of getaway that you’ve been searching for. Hike and set up camp for the weekend as you wait for the night to fall and let the stars light up the park’s beautiful landscape. From the giant boulder to the rock formations, everything looks magical under the moonlight!

a man hiking with a dog

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