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The Best Souvenirs to Take Back from Vegas

The Best Souvenirs to Take Back from Vegas

If you’re in Vegas and you don’t have your family or friends with you, you’ll want to take something back for them. And we’ve got some ideas.

An Elvis Jumpsuit

Time to channel your inner hound dog. Since Elvis came to Vegas in 1964, he has been a sensation—and an exemplary Vegas icon. His iconic jumpsuit—studded with all those rhinestones and flashy trinkets—is as popular today as it was back then.

Other than a great souvenir, it works brilliantly for Halloween and costume parties. You can find one that’s custom-tailored in Vegas easily, and you can begin by looking online.

A Saguaro Cactus

a Nevada cactus

Why go back empty-handed from Nevada when you can take a piece of Nevada with you? You’re in the Old West, after all. Vegas might be all glitz and glam, but let’s not forget that it’s a desert at heart. Taking back a saguaro cactus is symbolic of quintessential Nevada.

And not just that, these cactuses are already very recognizable—all around the world. That’s because everyone has seen them in old Western movies. So, if you happen to be a fan of spaghetti Westerns, you’d do well to take a cactus along with you.

Additionally, even though it’s a plant, cacti are fairly easy to keep. They require a lot less water than a fish tank, and a lot less love than a dog. Best pets ever?

Native American Baskets

If you want to take back something that’s reminiscent of not just Vegas, but of Vegas through the ages, what better than a native American basket? The Paiute tribe had originally settled in this area, and they used to live and thrive right next to the great Colorado River. They make the baskets they were making way back in old American to this day—and it would be a fun little souvenir to take back from Vegas.

What’s more, these baskets are not made of plastic, are 100% organic and recyclable—which makes them an even greater souvenir.

Nevada Vodka

Liquor stores all across Vegas have shelves stocked with vodka that is produced every week in Nevada distilleries. Taking a bottle or two back is a sweet reminder of the time you spent in Vegas. Moreover, you get to keep the bottle as a souvenir for long after you have consumed the vodka.

Where to Keep These Souvenirs While You’re Traveling

If you have more things to do in Vegas or have a road trip planned before you finally fly back home, you’ll want a safe place to keep your luggage and souvenirs. You can leave them with us, at Cubby. Our luggage storage service operations are offered in Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Galveston, Fort Worth, Boston, Houston, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, and San Antonio.