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The Best Things Couples Can Do in San Antonio

The Best Things Couples Can Do in San Antonio

Are you in San Antonio for the mid of February? Have no idea what to do with your loved one for lovers’ day?

Luckily, we’re here to help.


If you and your loved one are of the sportier variety, a visit to Bowlero is in order. Sure, nightclubs, restaurants, movies, bars, etc. are the regular fare—but this Valentine’s Day, why not do something different? We’d say go bowling with your partner if you happen to be in San Antonio.

And of course, once you’re done with bowling, you can head to the bar at Bowlero and have a drink over the game. It’ll make for a memorable night.

Take a Walk

 a couple on Valentine’s Day in San Antonio

Few things are as romantic as taking a walk. And believe it or not, San Antonio is one of the best places to take a walk in. It’s picturesque, historic, and looks absolutely stunning at night—especially if it’s a moonlit night.

Its historic sights—especially the Alamo—stand out stark and pearly against the ebony curtain of night, looking as haunting as they do beautiful at the same time. If you have any special proposals to make—such as those that promise prolonged companionship and an expensive reception—this would be the place.

Go South

What we mean is Southtown. Sight-seeing in San Antonio doesn’t get any better than Southtown. Whether it’s Alamo Street or the Blue Star, you’ve got everything here, in the shadow of some of the city’s most historic buildings.

Lost Maples State Natural Area

If you’re more of a nature person, what better natural area to visit than the Lost Maples State Natural Area? We think it’s particularly stunning with its many trees and overflowing flora. Not exactly the garden of Eden, but rustic enough to hold your gaze, the Lost Maples State Natural Area is where you can find peace, quiet, and a place for romance.

After all, there’s nothing more natural than love.

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