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The Most Haunted Places in Houston and Galveston

The Most Haunted Places in Houston and Galveston

No matter where you go in the world, you’ll find plenty of haunted locations—from grand palaces to abandoned asylums to lakes to basements in quaint houses. Texas has had its fair share of ghosts—Galveston and Houston among the top cities among these haunted regions.

Spaghetti Warehouse in Houston

Hurricane Harvey did a number on this warehouse severely, back in the day. Since then, many people have said that its halls come alive when there’s not a single living soul in there. There are reports of hauntings and paranormal activities inside.

Broadway Cemetery in Galveston

What could be more haunted than a cemetery? The Broadway Cemetery is said to be haunted by . . . well, dead people. And a lot of famous people are buried right here in this cemetery—which makes it a popular spot among the living as well as the dead. There are murder victims here and sad souls, tragic deaths and missing beloveds—could you brave these ghosts?

La Carafe in Houston

A wine bar, La Carafe looks innocent enough when you visit it without knowing its history. But spend some time there, and you’ll hear whispers—whispers of ghost sightings, paranormal activities, roaming spirits, ghouls, and so much more. Popular with young ghost hunters and thrill seekers, this place is as good for a wine-out and dine-out as it is for some adventure.

Oh, also, it’s the oldest bar in Houston!

Haunted Bishops Palace in Galveston

haunted palace

The Bishops Palace is magnificent and looks pretty attractive with its towering figure until you hear about the ghosts that supposedly haunt its hallways. The best part about this palace is that it doesn’t look haunted in the least—perhaps that’s what makes it creepier.

The Texas Killing Fields

Talk about some real serial killer trite. Although not in Houston or Galveston, this is a strip of land where many women are rumored to have been found dead. 30 women since the 1970s have been found in this strip, and the mysteries remain unsolved. It’s even been turned into a book!

But be relieve if you’re only visiting Houston and Galveston, because the strip doesn’t touch those areas.

If You’ve Luggage to Store, Who You Gonna’ Call?

Not the Ghostbusters, apparently. If you’re in Galveston and/or Houston and need a place (that isn’t haunted!) to keep your luggage in, get in touch with us at Cubby. We provide our baggage storage services in Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Galveston, Fort Worth, Boston, Houston, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, and San Antonio.