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The New Normal: A Look at Changing World Trends, Post-Pandemic

The New Normal: A Look at Changing World Trends, Post-Pandemic

Six days, six months, or even a year from now—we can’t determine when the everyday life will return, post-pandemic. Or whether we’ll even get back to the old normal at all!

Because of the nature of the novel coronavirus, the medical community is taking each day as a new learning point. So far, though, the community has agreed on one factor: life, post-pandemic, will not be the same. Changes will need to be made to ensure there’s no risk of any virus strain in future spreading.

A Look at the Proposed Changes

– A Greater Dependence on E-Learning

The education sector across the globe has suffered immensely due to the pandemic. However, many schools have opted to provide lessons online for more convenience. And that’s a trend that’ll likely become a significant part of the education system in years to come.

Schools and colleges will need to rethink their teaching strategies and will need to overhaul education material to appeal to their students online. Online systems will also prevent students from not missing classes since they’ll be able to attend the class from their home.

– A Stricter Travel Plan

The New Normal: A Look at Changing World Trends, Post-Pandemic

The travel industry is perhaps the greatest victim of the COVID-19 crisis. With leading airlines declaring bankruptcy and thousands and thousands of people losing their livelihood, there’s little hope that life will return to normal after the pandemic comes under control.

However, this does mean that there’ll be a greater chance for a stronger, more-prepared travel industry. Online check-ins and limited exposure to human contact will become the norm. Thermal sensory will likely be implemented in airports across the world. Maintaining hygiene will also become a key factor for all travel modes.

So, with short-term luggage storage services like Cubby, our customers will expect us to follow all safety protocol, well after the pandemic abates.

– Revolution in the Work Industry

Not just factoring this change from a hygiene standpoint, but even with job trends in the existing market; things will change, perhaps for the better. Remote working will become a significant factor for most companies, creating more jobs for students, part-time workers, and people with disabilities.

We’ll also see more corporations implement virus prevention steps for close workplaces, such as adding Plexiglas panels, automated hand sanitizer dispensers, and limiting hours spent in the office. Self-service may be discouraged, and a better protocol for hygiene will more likely be introduced, particularly in the food industry.

What We Think!

The New Normal: A Look at Changing World Trends, Post-Pandemic

It’s more likely that the above changes will be implemented after the pandemic. However, even at present, we must follow the right steps to ensure that the virus does not spread. At Cubby, we’ve implemented CDC guidelines for handling baggage storage in all cities including Washington, D.C., Boston, Las Vegas, Galveston, Dallas, Atlanta, Austin, Houston, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Redwood City.

By taking small steps, we’re doing our part in flattening the curve. So by the time we get past this crisis, we’ll be looking forward to a more positive future!