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The Responsibilities of a Cubber—A Detailed Guide

The Responsibilities of a Cubber—A Detailed Guide

So you’ve decided that the Cubber lifestyle might be just right for you, and you’re ready to take the next step. You’ve registered and have signaled your availability, have followed all the necessary steps. And now, you’re a representative of a reliable, secure bag storage service.

Now all you have to do is wait to receive a booking notification for your space, and you’re going to be paid weekly. And it’s as easy as leaving your Cubbee’s things in a secure storage area until they come back and get them and you get paid, right? How hard could that be?

In truth, not at all! However, you do have to be aware that your job isn’t to just babysit someone’s belongings. Your responsibilities also comprise a few more basic rules and regulations, which we’ve listed below.

Brush up on them, remember them and ask us if you have any other questions!

The Responsibilities of a Cubber

– You Must Be Professional

After all, you are a service provider. You don’t want to come off as someone who doesn’t take their job seriously.

The Responsibilities of a Cubber—A Detailed Guide

As a professional, you must be polite and courteous. However, you also need to be firm. While you are offering luggage storage services, you don’t want customers to go overboard and ask for more than what they pay for, i.e., storing additional luggage, without paying for each bag.

In such cases, you can reach out to a Cubby representative. But as a rule of thumb, in cases where a customer is persistent, stand your ground.

– You Must Be Punctual

And in the rare instance that you are late, contact your Cubby and give them an estimate of your time of arrival!

It leaves a bad impression of the company on the client if they are not at least informed. While they may feel disappointed that they’ll be a little late in getting their luggage stored, at least they’ll know they’re not waiting around aimlessly.

– No Snooping Allowed

Curiosity indeed kills the cat!

If you’re putting up your home or space for storage, it does not give you the right to snoop around someone else’s possessions. Remember, they trust you and the Cubby name with their personal belongings. Don’t break their confidence; otherwise, you might have an invasion of privacy suit on your hands!

The Takeaway

At present, Cubby offers services in 10 cities—Boston and Washington DC, as well as Las Vegas, Atlanta, Galveston, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Fort Worth and San Antonio, TX. If you’re looking for a relatively easy job, Cubby is the best choice for you!

Just be organized with your bookings, and stay in touch with Cubby if you have any queries, and earn money weekly. It’s that simple!

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