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The Ultimate Quest: Finding the Best Boston Crème Pie in Boston

The Ultimate Quest: Finding the Best Boston Crème Pie in Boston

Regardless of where you’ve grown up, we can bet that you know exactly what a Boston Crème Pie is: it’s this creamy, chocolaty goodness with two golden cakes glued by custard and topped with chocolate lather. Few things taste as sweet and as good as a slice of Boston Crème Pie—and what better place to look for the perfect slice of Boston Crème Pie than when you’re in Boston?

Although many of us have had our fill of Boston Crème Pie elsewhere, getting a slice of this sweet goodness down in Boston itself should be a whole experience on its own, right?

Speaking of which . . .

Did it Actually Originate in Boston?

Oui, it did. And we say ‘oui’ because the confection was conjured by a chef who was part-French and part-American. It was the year of our lord 1856, the sweetest of times at the Parker House Hotel in Boston that the invention surfaced. And are we glad that someone thought of inventing the Boston Crème Pie—although we agree with the dissenters, it’s more of a cake than a pie.

The American-French invention was so delicious, in fact, that October 23rd got declared as Boston Crème Pie Day—National Boston Crème Pie Day!

And that’s not all. In the December of 1996, the dessert was declared to stand in as the official state dessert for Massachusetts. Clearly, you must be beginning to see what all the hype is about.

So Where Should You Get it in Boston?

Boston Tea Party Ship

Although it’s probable that any Bostonian grandma can be trusted to know the recipe by heart, there are other places that serve the delectable treat—and oh, the places you’ll go to in Boston in search of the pie!

To start with, the Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum is the go-to venue for all-things-Boston. And you can have a slice of the city’s rich culture and history alongside Boston Crème Pie whileyou’re at it.

If you want rum to go with your pie, there’s the Rumba Rum & Champagne Bar that you can find at InterContinental Boston. On the other hand, if you like a great scene to look at while you’re enjoying your pie, the Fort Point Channel is the place to go.

What’s great is that you can take a bike ride back from the channel and give your tummy a shot at digesting all the food instead of guilt-tripping yourself!

And What Should You Do with Your Bags in the Meanwhile?

It’s easy. You book a convenient Cubby location online beforehand, receive your confirmation texts, and leave your bag at the location provided to you when you’re in Boston. Your bags will stay safe and sound while you go off in search ofthe perfect Boston Crème Pie! You’ll find the pricing details here.  We provide luggage storage services in Atlanta, Boston, Austin, Las-Vegas and beyond!

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