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The Update on Current COVID-19 Restrictions in Las Vegas

The Update on Current COVID-19 Restrictions in Las Vegas

Just when we thought everything was close to going back to normal, everything goes haywire again. The virus is still raging out there—and its second wave is just as relentless as the first one. If you don’t see people panic-buying or freaking out anymore, it’s because we have all become used to the idea of being locked in and wearing masks outside.

But this doesn’t mean the threat of the virus is far from over.

Although President Trump (who also recently contracted the virus) denies that the cases are going up, statistics say they are. There’s a surge in COVID cases, which has even threatened the U.S. economy.

How should you travel to Vegas at a time like this?

Go by Road

Luckily for you, Vegas isn’t closed down at all. Visitors started returning to Sin City sometime in June, and while the number of tourists has been down, they’re still there. People still want to see the Strip and all the goodness that Vegas has to offer. Besides, it’s not like many people have a choice. Many of us have to travel to Vegas on business matters, family-related issues, or for academic conferences and meetings.

A road in Nevada

Some trips just can’t be canceled.

More and more tourists have, at this time, preferred going to Vegas by road rather than taking airplanes. While taking the air route makes travel easier and quicker, there’s a reason people have so far preferred the road.

It reduces the risk of infection since airplanes tend to be full of people. On the road, at least you’re in your own car with your own family.

Public Areas Closed

One of the many things is the city that is still closed are several public areas, such as the Development Services Center and City Hall. You can go in if you have to, but you’ll need to make an appointment first. You’ll be screened before you can go in.

Community and cultural centers are also closed until further notice. If you’re hoping to visit someone in the City Jail, we’d advise against it—since that facility has been denied to the public as well. It’s for your safety and the safety of the prisoners who live in confined spaces inside since prisons were some of the earliest centers of COVID outbreaks.

Recreational Centers

Hotels and casinos in Vegas started opening their doors to customers as far back as July. Las Vegas has, after all, an economy that depends heavily on gambling. Take that out, and you have a bigger problem on your hand. By August, they were all operating at 50% of their capacity.

Casinos and hotels have gone a structural rehaul, such as moving furniture to make physical distancing a lot more feasible. The bottom line? You can still stay in a hotel and visit a casino—and it won’t even be so crowded anymore!

Storing Your Luggage

While you’re in Vegas, you can leave your luggage with the baggage storage service ,Cubby, at one of our vetted locations anywhere in the city. We have operations in multiple cities, including Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Galveston, Fort Worth, Boston, Houston, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, and San Antonio.