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Things to do for Christmas in Downtown Washington D.C.

Things to do for Christmas in Downtown Washington D.C.

Although most travel around Christmas is international, many people head down to the capital instead. It’s easy to see why they’d make this choice. Traveling internationally is expensive, takes more time, is a headache to plan, and comes with many complications—such as visa issues, passports, tickets, foreign languages and cultures, etc.

Traveling to D.C. is cheaper, simpler, and quicker. You won’t be spending an arm and a leg on it, you don’t need any special documents, and you won’t be losing too much time on commute.

And if you think there aren’t enough things to do in D.C. during Christmas—think again!

Christmas trees

The National Christmas Tree

For anyone who didn’t know national Christmas trees were a thing, we’re here to tell  you that they’re an almost 100-year-old tradition.

Of course, this year, the event is going to be streamed, which is both good and bad: anyone—even people who are not traveling—can watch the tree lighting ceremony!

However, that isn’t to say that you can’t see it happening if you’re visiting in person. Just don’t forget to wear masks and practice physical distancing!

The Capitol Christmas Tree

The Capitol gets its own Christmas tree that is sourced sometime in November and lit early in December. You can go see it, take photos, or just relax in the cool D.C.

We’d suggest you select a weekday for your soiree because, you can expect the place to be crowded this time of the year—and you might want to avoid that just about now.

The ZooLights

Every year for Christmas, the national zoo is lit up with thousands of glittering, glamorous lights. However, this year, the ZooLights won’t be adorning the national zoo. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any ZooLights this year. They will be there, only in a different form.

For this year, you won’t travel to see the ZooLights—the Zoolights will travel to you. They’ll come to each neighborhood in a bus and you can all enjoy their warm luminance without having to do much walking!

DownTown Holiday Market

This one is pure bliss: a month-long DownTown market with all the DownTown goodies you can expect to find—at great rates and in one place! Even in the pandemic, the market’s going to be up and running. However, some of the streets will be cordoned off, and there are special precautions being taken to facilitate physical distancing.

Heading to D.C. for Christmas?

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