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Things to Do Near Boston South Station

Things to Do Near Boston South Station

On 700 Atlantic Avenue stands Boston South Station. Always sprawling, always bustling, and endowed with 13 tracks, the Boston South Station is a great place to be if you have to go somewhere from there.

But what if you have to wait at the station for some time?

Are there any attractions nearby that you can see? You bet!

New England Aquarium

Getting to the New England Aquarium will take you only a few minutes from South Station. The Aquarium welcomes around 1.3 million people every year and is a popular tourist spot. It houses numerous species of marine and aquatic life. Altogether, it makes for an interesting visit and even better pictures. Pro-tip: the Whale Watch is a particularly popular offering!

The Freedom Trail

If you’re stuck at the Station for quite some time—let’s say, a few hours—then there’s a unique experience you can immerse yourself in: walking the Freedom Trail. It’s only 4 minutes away from the Station. Walking the full trail will take you more than an hour—let’s say, 90 minutes. You might want to stop on the way and inspect the curiosities you see. You might want to take some pictures as well!

Eating near the South Station

a delicious burger with fries

Perhaps you ventured away from South Station to find food. While you’ll find food options inside the stations as well, you can find an even more diverse variety just outside. A number of food trucks usually lounge here, offering their delicious fares to travelers and foodies.


Maybe you want to grab something for someone back home while you’re at the Station. You can easily do so by reaching out to the retailers at the station. There’s also an ATM machine around if you want to take out some cash and buy something.

And While You’re Sight-Seeing

We bet you don’t want to unnecessarily carry your luggage while you go around seeing the sights and visiting the places that the neighborhood has to offer. But you can’t leave your bags at the station either.

It sounds like a dilemma, right?

Not with Cubby, it doesn’t. Just leave your bags with us and go about on your trip. We have locations near South Station, and you won’t have to go very far. It’s a safe, reliable option.

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