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Travel via Road Trip or Book a Flight? The Safest Way to Travel during a Pandemic

Travel via Road Trip or Book a Flight? The Safest Way to Travel during a Pandemic

Stay-at-home orders have been lifted almost throughout the country, despite an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases. In most parts of Texas, including Houston and Dallas, bars and restaurants are reopening; flights are being booked.

Yet, medical experts warn against unnecessary travels, since that contributes to the surge in COVID-19 cases. So, how do you plan your trip?

Is it Essential?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people must delay or cancel all travel plans, unless they are essential for your livelihood, or contribute to your job as an essential worker.

If that’s the reason, you should, by all means, travel. However, you must be vigilant and choose the right mode of travel to limit exposure.

The Best Mode of Travel

Travel via Road Trip or Book a Flight? The Safest Way to Travel during a Pandemic

Air Transport

Airplanes don’t have a good reputation for their standards for hygiene. So, you may already feel anxious about booking a flight. With crowded airplanes, there’s always a greater concern that you may catch a cold or any other infection.

However, if flying is the only way you can travel, you must wear a face mask, space out your seat, so fewer people are sitting around you, and use hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes before touching anything.

Subway Transport

If you’re traveling via the subway or train system, you’ll more likely come in contact with plenty of surfaces like the pole or the seat. You’ll also move more if the subway becomes crowded or if you need to switch seats or move about.

During this time, do not use your phone and use hand sanitizer before getting on. Avoid touching your face at all costs, and wash your hands as soon as you can get to soap and water. Do not eat or drink while traveling, either. Also, if you have luggage, sanitize it or wrap it in plastic, and keep it off the floors.

Bus Transport

Even if they’re not crowded, you can’t always run away from any germs and bacteria, since you don’t know who had used the bus before you got on. If you’re traveling by bus, try to travel before the peak time to limit exposure, and use some type of face covering and cover your mouth and nose. Use alcohol-based sanitizer before touching anything, and wash your hands after exiting the bus.

Self Transport

At present, the safest way to travel is by driving yourself. But before you start, disinfect the following parts of your car’s interior to make sure you stay clean and safe:

  • Gearstick
  • Steering wheel
  • Hand brakeTravel via Road Trip or Book a Flight? The Safest Way to Travel during a Pandemic
  • Door handle
  • Radio controls
  • Steering stalks (cruise control, windscreen wipers, indicators)
  • Seat position control
  • Door frame
  • Elbow rest

For the exterior, disinfect the door frame, door handle, and the handle for the luggage compartment. While traveling, keep the windows up, and wear protective gear to reduce the risk of infection.

When You Get to Your Destination

Keep your trip short, and try to limit exposure by handling all your business in one day.

Opt-out of staying at a hotel, and book a short-term luggage storage service instead to stay hands-free during your trip. Cubby offers services in 11 cities, including Washington D.C., Atlanta, Las Vegas, Galveston, Dallas, Boston, Austin, Houston, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Redwood City. Before handing your luggage, disinfect it to limit any potential risk.

Once you’re done, go back home and self-isolate for 14 days. And be careful. All this might seem like a hassle. But it’s not worse than getting sick. Practice the right guidelines, and you’ll be safe and sound throughout your trip.