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Valentine’s Day in San Antonio

Valentine’s Day in San Antonio

While we understand why you wouldn’t want to be stuck in a different city on Valentine’s Day, if you are, there are many things you can still do to make the day memorable for both yourself and your significant other.

What’s worse is being stuck in this memorable city with no one by your side—not even your significant other. On the 14th of February, that can be such a bummer. But we’ve got ideas for you.

Take Photos to Send Back

All you need for this activity is a camera—or a phone. We’re partial to iPhones, because they have great cameras, but any camera would work. Go around the city when all the lovebirds are either in their homes or packed in restaurants eating Beef Wellingtons. Find interesting things—historic neighborhoods, stray animals, city lights, the blinding moon, etc.—and take pictures to send back to your significant other. Share your moments of peace and quiet This is the one day in the year that calls for it.

Buy a Memorable Gift for Them


One of the best things about San Antonio is how different it is compared to other cities. It’s a historic, unique place with some of the most legendary places in the country—some that date right back to the time of the Civil War. You can get more than mere gifts from the many historic places and museums in San Antonio for your significant other—you can get souvenirs. In this way, not only are you buying them a Valentine’s Day gift, but you’re also telling them—wordlessly—that they are missed.

River Walk

Leisure and travel meet at this lovely, lonely tourist attraction. Although almost always packed with tourists (many consider it to be the top river walk in the country!), it can feel pretty lonely on Valentine’s Day. But so what if your significant other is not here with you on this special day? You can video call them from here—and give their eyes a surprise feast of a most stunning backdrop. It’s a small gesture—but a romantic one nonetheless.

And While You’re Out…

Of course, for as long as you’re out on your romantic and solemn sojourn, you’ll need to leave your bags someplace safe. Cubby is the luggage-storage service that can accommodate—our services are offered in Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Galveston, Fort Worth, Boston, Houston, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, and San Antonio.