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Visit These 4 Boston Beaches to Do Justice to Your Summer Trip!

Visit These 4 Boston Beaches to Do Justice to Your Summer Trip!

Boston is a complete package with its rich history, delicious food, and beautiful beaches. You can’t have enough of the beaches in Boston; so, if you’re visiting the city, you’ve got to visit these four beaches.

1. Spectacle Island

Sit back and enjoy the beautiful view of the city skyline; spectacle Island is the perfect spot if you want a relaxing beach day.  But that’s not it. If you’re in the mood to be a little adventurous, you can even go hiking. The beach has its team of lifeguards on call, so it’s safe to go surfing or take a peaceful swim.

The fun begins even before you reach the beach. You have to go on a ferry ride to get to the island, which is a scenic and fun activity in itself.

2. Crane Beach

sunglasses on a beach

This oceanic beauty exists just 27 miles away from the main city. Crane beach isn’t just a place to go beaching; it also serves as a nesting place for the endangered piping plover bird. Crane beach is the perfect example of how we can preserve nature while also having fun.

Play in the soft sand, take long walks along the shore, or just bathe in the salty water. There are so many ways of having a quintessential summer day at the Crane beach.

3. Constitution Beach

Think it’s odd to find a beach in East Boston? Constitution beach is a crescent-shaped man-made beach located in East Boston. Have a fun-filled day by either going fishing or swimming or head over to the athletic fields available. From the shore, you can see ships sailing through the Boston Harbor. There’s easy parking available and a no-littering, no alcohol policy, making the beach a perfect family picnic spot.

4. Wollaston Beach

With a 2.3 mile shoreline to explore, Wollaston Beach is the biggest beach in Boston. It’s particularly famous for jogging and trail biking. But you can even go canoeing or swimming or fishing at the beach. On the southern area of the beach, you’ll find a cute play area along with picnic tables. You can plan an exciting family trip to the beach.

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