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Visiting Your Family for Thanksgiving in Washington, DC? Here’s What You Need to Do

Visiting Your Family for Thanksgiving in Washington, DC? Here’s What You Need to Do

With Thanksgiving being right around the corner, as well as your annual family trip to Washington DC, you want to make this year the most special one yet. Luckily for you, DC offers a ton of opportunities to turn this already festive day into an even more memorable one.

But with so much to do, how do you make the right plan? What events and spots do you exclude from your travel plan?

Cubby asked our resident Cubbers in Washington DC for their recommendations regarding Thanksgiving—what they love and what they want others to experience.

Follow this list and simplify your weekend Thanksgiving itinerary!

Where You Should Go on Thanksgiving in Washington, DC

– Mount Vernon by Candlelight

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon, which is George Washington’s home, is the perfect place to start your Thanksgiving trip in DC. Take a candlelit tour, revisit holiday traditions of yore, marvel at the beauty of classic decorations, and end the tour with some warm cider, cookies and caroling by the fireside. Nothing like a cozy caroling session to get those pre-Christmas time vibes going!

Note: You’ll need tickets for this tour, so be sure to book well in advance.

– Winter Lights Festival

Winter Lights Festival

While the lines may be long for Seneca Creek State Park, you can be sure that the wait and hustle will be worth it.

Starting from November 24th, this festival runs up till the 31st of December, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of the lights display. Get a blanket and some car snacks for the way and prepare your kids for some wholesome goodness!

– Smithsonian Museums

Smithsonian Museums

Except for Christmas Day, the Smithsonian Museums are open every day of the year, including Thanksgiving. So, if you’re thinking of teaching your kids a bit about the history of the occasion, the Smithsonian Museums, especially on Thanksgiving, offer the ideal opportunity for a history lesson. It’ll be quiet and there will be low traffic, so a morning trip would not be such a bad idea!

– Turkey Trot

Turkey Trot

Taking place on the day of Thanksgiving, Turkey Trot is an annual long-distance footrace that also offers various meter runs for children.

A great option if you’re into fitness (or just getting ready for that turkey dinner!), the Turkey Trot is a long-standing tradition; in fact, it’s one of the many races that Americans take part in each year!

– Holiday Parade

Holiday Parade

This is a post-Thanksgiving event, but still worth every second! Taking place in Reston Town Center, the holiday parade is a full day celebration of the season and the festivities that are yet to come.

Topped with a Christmas tree lighting ceremony and a Claus family sing-along, the holiday parade is a great event that kicks off the season with the right mood: happy!

Getting Excited?

Clearly, Washington DC has tons to offer. So make your bookings accordingly. Opt for luggage storage with a Cubber if you’re arriving on the day and go out and explore. Start new traditions with this year’s Washington DC Thanksgiving celebration!

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