Visiting Your Valentine in Boston? We Know Just What You Should Do

Visiting Your Valentine in Boston? We Know Just What You Should Do

Are you planning to visit your significant other this Valentine’s Day in Boston? While Boston is usually associated with bustling marketplaces and historical sites, we’re sure you’re looking for something far more romantic than the usual?

If yes, then we’ve got just the suggestions for you.

Boston’s Public . . . Library?

If you want to do something different and memorable, why not! Not only is Boston’s Public Library a great place for book lovers (duh!) it is also one of Boston’s best loved buildings. The art and architecture in there is almost extraordinary. You can also take a tour of the best buildings in Boston and learn more about the people who designed the library.

Visiting Your Valentine in Boston? We Know Just What You Should Do

And when you’re in there, don’t forget to place an order from the Map Room Café—for two comforting hot chocolates! Enjoy these warm delights in the courtyard. There’s also the Courtyard Restaurant if you want to enjoy some good food when you’re there.

La Voile on Newbury Street

If you hate (a) crowds and (b) overpriced fine dining, the La Voile on Newbury Street will work perfectly for you. It’s French and it’s classic, and their duck à l’orange is an experience of its own.

If you’re more in the mood for even more private time with your significant other, you could pick up scallops and steaks (dry-aged work best) from New Deal Fish Market and Savenor’s respectively. Later, the two of you could have some prime bonding time when you cook up a surf-and-turn together.

Explore the Culture

If you don’t get to visit Boston a lot, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to go out and not only have some prime time with your significant other, but also explore Boston. And when in Boston, what better way to explore than the many cultural institutions out there? There’s the Aquarium, the Museum of Natural History, or even the Institute of Contemporary Art. There’s a lot to see, and a lot to talk about later!

Cruise at Boston Harbor

Visiting Your Valentine in Boston? We Know Just What You Should Do

Taste some divine chocolate-covered strawberries and have a great time sampling champagne as good music plays in the background when you’re in Boston Harbor. There’s the Northern Lights Sunset Cruise, the Champagne City Lights Cruise, and many more!

Music and Theatre

And what when you’re done with all the great food and intellectual stimulation that we’ve been suggesting? We suggest you take to some of Boston’s finest theatre performances or take your loved one to one of the many concerts that’s always happening in the city. Browse through a concert calendar to make sure they have something you like, and you can have the perfect ending to your day.

And Where Should You Leave Your Bags When You’re There?

Clearly you don’t want to burden your significant other with the bother of your bags. But you also don’t want to engage a hotel room for nothing, since you’re going to spend the day outside anyway. What should you do then?

Leave your luggage at one of Cubby’s vetted locations. We have partnerships with local businesses in Boston and beyond, and will charge you nothing more than $5.99 for a bag for a day! Book your Cubby today and make the rest of your Boston Valentine’s plans in peace!