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What are the Best Things to Eat in Atlanta?

What are the Best Things to Eat in Atlanta?

The Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau (ACVB) reports that in 2018 alone the city hosted 56 million visitors. But here’s a more damning stat from the same bureau: the hotel industry in Atlanta is no joke. It stands at a whopping $78 million—and these are only the sales from last year alone!

It isn’t difficult to see why Atlanta is such a hotspot for tourists and travelers. In 2018, for instance, there were over 750 events, including conventions and conferences, meetings and whatnots. The participants in these events would have stayed in the 850 hotels in and around Metro Atlanta—even if they hadn’t needed it. But for the smarter folk, hotels were shunned and luggage storage services like Cubby availed.

And where does all the money that you save go?

Better Spend it on Amazing Atlanta Food!

Southwest Atlanta has been slowly rising in ranks on the food scene, and has made quite a name for itself. From the fried chicken that the South is best-known for to the golden cornbread and from the unparalleled Brunswick Stew to fried green tomatoes like you can’t get many places outside the city, Atlanta’s thriving culinary culture has too much to offer.

And you can’t miss anything!

Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken

Speak about having good old soul food. Not only is fried chicken simply great to eat, it also carries a certain history with it. When you bite into a juicy morsel of bird flesh, you’re tasting the South as so many must have tasted so many years ago. Besides, fried chicken is something you can expect to come across easily in Atlanta: anywhere, anytime! And we aren’t talking commercial chain restaurants either: down in Atlanta, you get the real deal.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Some of you might be wincing hard, scratching your heads in a bid to make sense of this particular delicacy. Fried tomatoes, really? Yes, really. Nothing wrong with it. Or are you telling us deep-fried peanut butter cups and ice cream and snickers bars cut it but fried green tomatoes don’t?

The Brunswick Stew

If soul food had a face, it would be the Brunswick Stew. The stew can be gorged on as a solitary meal, coupled with aromatic boiled rice or cornbread—or you can serve it the classic way: with barbecue. What could be better than veggies, meat, barbecue sauce and broth all in one?

Cubby’s Pricing

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