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What Can You Leave with a Cubber? A Short Guide

What Can You Leave with a Cubber? A Short Guide

You’re in town for a short trip, and the flight back home isn’t for another few hours. This gives you plenty of time to explore the sights. For these impromptu adventures, you can be sure that Cubby will help you take care of your luggage so you can walk around, hands-free!

But what exactly can you leave with a Cubber; 5 pieces of luggage, a baby stroller perhaps, or a partridge in a pear tree?

Cubby offers the basics of affordable luggage storage!

What a Cubber Can Do for You

Before we begin, understand that Cubbers are not your regular Joes, offering space in their homes for travelers. There are no assigned numbers or lockers either. Instead, we partner with local businesses from around town, allowing them to utilize any free space on their property for extra revenue, connecting them with travelers.

So, if you’re worried that a Cubber might not have enough space for your excess luggage, rest assured that there will always be space.

List of Things Cubbers Can Store

  • Backpacks
  • Roller bags
  • Travel luggage
  • Gym bags
  • Sports gear
  • Work equipment
  • Strollers

Basically, anything that can be lugged around, and will be an inconvenience for you to bring along, can be stored with a Cubber. There’s no bag size limit, and you can store your things for as long as you want. But, if it’s for more than a week or even longer, you can contact a Cubby representative to learn about special discounts that we offer for longer storage!

Can I Trust a Cubber?

Of course!

Every person that we connect with is always carefully screened and vetted before they’re allowed to work under the Cubby name. Every storage space is fitted with functional, working cameras, and every customer is provided with a Cubby card, and a uniquely coded seal for their bags so you know your things are protected and kept safe from any prying eyes and fingers.

In addition, every bag is insured by Cubby for $750. So, you can be sure we take every step necessary to keep your belongings safe.

Are You Ready?

Sign up for Cubby! We offer services in Boston, Fort Worth, Galveston, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas and Washington D.C. Wherever you are, you can always find a Cubber who’ll keep your things safe and sound!