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What is Dallas Famous For?

What is Dallas Famous For?

Cowboys, barbecue, hating Austin, trucks, horses, and guns—Dallas sure is the ultimate Old Town Road. Whether you’re a Dallas aficionado or just know of its existence from Dallas Buyers Club, the city is famous for more things than you can imagine!

Let’s go through the list:

An Assassinated President

What is Dallas Famous For?

No other crime in Texas—not even the shooter at the University of Texas in Austin—is as famous (infamous?) as the assassination of John F Kennedy. The event took place when he was being driven through an old town road in Dallas.

Kennedy and his wife were in an open-top convertible when Lee Harvey Oswald opened fire—to the shock and horror of the nation. The 35th President breathed his last 30 minutes later, at the Parkland Hospital.

Even more bizarre was the fact that the shooter—Oswald—had been reading the American classic, The Catcher in the Rye, before the event.


Naturally, Dallas has cowboys galore. But we don’t mean cowboys in the literal sense here. We mean the Dallas Cowboys—arguably the country’s best-known football team. With 5 Super Bowl titles, it isn’t difficult to see where the popularity comes from. The Cowboys are actually the world’s most valuable football team—worth $5 billion!

The Texas State Fair

What is Dallas Famous For?

State fairs are a common occurrence all over the U.S., but none are as well-known and as grand as the Texas State Fair in Dallas.

Big Tex stands tall at Fair Park every year, smiling at every visitor. The Texas State fair might be called a “state fair,” but its fans come in from all over the world. There’s some amazing food, too!

The Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

Spanning more than 27 square miles, the Dallas-Fort Worth airport is a behemoth. It was already known as the world’s 4th busiest airport, but these days—in the aftermath of the pandemic—it’s actually the busiest airport in the world!

Country Fried Steak

Mashed potatoes, a beautiful gravy, and chicken fried steak, served with a side of fried okra—personally, we think few things are better tasting.

Dallas is particularly famous for this delicacy—you must try it if you’re ever down here.

Traveling to Dallas?

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