What to Do in San Antonio in One Day

What to Do in San Antonio in One Day

So you’re going to be staying in San Antonio for one day and want to soak in the sights!

You’ve found an affordable luggage storage option through your friendly neighborhood Cubber, thanks to Cubby. What’s next on the agenda?

Here are some things you can do in San Antonio, TX!

1. Visit the Alamo

A famous site in Texas history, the Alamo is the site of a battle between Texas defenders and Mexican forces! A brutal battle that the natives lost, the Alamo is the site of Davy Crockett’s last stand. It’s also the spot where the Texan defenders were—despite losing—able to inflict some serious damage on the attackers.

Quite small in size, The Alamo is nevertheless a must-see spot if you want to revisit an important moment in American history.

2. Hope on a River Barge

But first, visit the River Walk! A beautiful picturesque spot in San Antonio, this place looks even better if you view it via a river barge! While it might seem like your typical touristy thing to do, the guides are very informative and witty, and not to mention, humorous. So there won’t be any time wasted.

A short escape (30 minutes!), a river barge tour is great if you have kids along for the ride.

3. Explore the Mission Trail in San Antonio

Home to five missions, these Spanish communities were dedicated to bringing people in San Antonio toward Catholicism. Considered an important component of the city’s foundation, these missions consist of the Alamo (stated above) and the following missions which are located south of San Antonio’s City Center:

  • Mission Concepcion
  • Mission San Jose
  • Mission San Juan
  • Mission Espada

Note: If you can’t visit any other mission, just stick to the Alamo and San Jose!

4. Satisfy Your Hunger at The Pearl

Built at the site of a former historic pearl brewery, The Pearl now is a mixed space that houses everything you’d need from a mini cultural Mecca—residences, retails, restaurants, an amphitheater, hotels, events and even a campus of the American Culinary Institute. Great for couples, single travelers and large families, The Pearl has something for everyone!

San Antonio

Have Fun in San Antonio!

A perfect shortlist for your San Antonio visit, with these destinations and Cubby’s help, you’ll have no trouble exploring the city and taking in everything we have to offer!

Just remember to pick up your luggage from storage from your Cubber after you’re done. And if you end up in another state on your travels, be sure to use Cubby for luggage storage services. We’re available in Boston and Washington D.C., Atlanta, Galveston, Dallas, Austin, Las Vegas, Houston, and Fort Worth.

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