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What to Do with Your Luggage When You’re on a Short Tour?

What to Do with Your Luggage When You’re on a Short Tour?

Headed to a new city for the week? Whether it’s work or vacation time, a cell phone in your right hand and a carry-on in your left is enough to make you feel flustered and exhausted on what should’ve been a refreshing tour.

Don’t let heavy luggage dampen your fun trip.

Wherever you go, lightweight luggage that can hold your most important belongings is a must.

However, some days even the most feather-light tote bags can get annoying when you have to carry them along the way.

Most of us don’t realize this, but traveling is a skill, which if learned well, can be enjoyed to the maximum. If your luggage is restricting your freedom and making travel feel like a chore; here’s what you can do.

1. Get Your Luggage Rolling

If you haven’t yet realized what a fantastic invention wheels are, now you will. Carrying your belongings on your back can easily wear you down. This is especially a problem when your luggage is heavy and is restricting your movements.

If you know you’ll be traveling to a city where there are plenty of sidewalks and evenly paved roads then you’ll do perfectly with wheel-able luggage. Just roll your bags effortlessly throughout the way!

2. Increase Packing Capacity with Duffel Bags

Duffel bags are a lightweight option to carry lots of essentials. These bags offer plenty of room for packing and are super durable, so they won’t tear or snap during your trip. Wear it across your shoulder, or for added convenience, just attach some wheels to the bag.  Depending on the type of terrain you’re traveling through, you’ll be able to carry most of your belongings in just one bag.

3. Go Cubby!

What to Do with Your Luggage When You’re on a Short Tour?When carrying or strolling doesn’t seem to lift the burden off of you, simply sign up for Cubby’s on-demand bag and luggage storage service! We can take care of your belongings for as long as you want while you head out and fully immerse yourself in the goals you’ve set for your short travel trip. The best part is that our storage service is extremely affordable and doesn’t put a dent on your travel budget. We charge $5.90 for an entire day’s worth of storage per bag so you don’t have to rush through your trip to pick up your belongings.

Cubby’s storage services are available across Texas in Austin, Fort Worth, San Antonio,
Dallas and Houston. You can also avail our bag storage services in Atlanta, GA and Washington, D.C.!We are the fastest growing luggage storage service in USA.

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