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What to Eat on Christmas in San Antonio and Why

What to Eat on Christmas in San Antonio and Why

Did you know that an average American couple fights nearly 156 times every year over where to order dinner from? Shocking, isn’t it? But get this: about 14% of couples are willing to end their blossoming relationships for not being “food compatible.”

So yes, no matter what anyone says, it’s hard to choose a place to eat, especially when you’re in a place like San Antonio that has plenty of food spots to offer.

Does your relationship also lack food compatibility? Keep reading to find some of the best spots to dine out on Christmas Eve with your other half.

1. Anchor Bar

 spicy wings drizzled in honey mustard sauce


If you’re someone who enjoys fast food or food on the go, Anchor Bar is one spot you cannot miss! With their juicy wings and a wide range of some of the most flavorful sauces, the place is a delight to visit.

2. SaVor Bistro

If fine dining and luxury is what you prefer, SaVor Bistro will tick all the right boxes in terms of ambiance, food, and even customer service. Their flavors majorly cater to people who enjoy fusion food with a hint of grandeur!

3. Chama Gaúcha Brazilian Steakhouse

 steak with barbeque sauce


Get your hands on one of the most mouthwatering steaks in San Antonio at Chama Gaúcha Brazilian Steakhouse. They’ll treat you with tender Filet Mignon and succulent pork loins, all in a sophisticated and opulent ambiance.

4. Battalion

One of the best places to visit for some delicious gourmet food has to be Battalion. If you’re ever in the mood for some good pasta, this is your go-to food spot. With the best flavor palate for sweet and savory, their penne and fettuccini are divine!

5. 54th Street Restaurant & Drafthouse- The Rim

Known for their pocket-friendly food specials, 54th Street Restaurant & Drafthouse- The Rim offer a wide range of dinner bowls, house salads, seafood, and scrumptious snacks for your late-night munchies! And their street kids menu can be a good option for when you take your children along!

Now that your relationship is no longer on the brink of falling apart, and all your food-related debates are settled, make sure you don’t end up having an argument over closet space too!

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