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What to Pack for Your Summer Trip to Las Vegas

What to Pack for Your Summer Trip to Las Vegas

A trip to Las Vegas is always exciting, whether it’s your first time in the city or you visit Sin City every year. While you’re planning your perfect summer vacation, make sure you pack the right items for your trip.

Here’s what you’ll need.


We get it. You want to look your best when you’re on your Vegas vacation. The glamorous city really does bring out the excitement of dressing up. That said, before you pack three different cocktail dresses and two kinds of swimsuits, go over your itinerary and decide what activities you’ll be indulging in.

For instance, do you plan on hitting the night clubs or casinos every night? Does your itinerary include exploring The Strip during the day and embarking upon outdoor adventures? Do you plan on spending your days by the hotel poolside? Knowing what you’ve got planned will help you pack the right clothes for your summer trip.

Keep a couple of breathable and comfortable daytime outfits, a light denim jacket or scarf, a swimsuit and a cover up, and one or two fancy dresses to make the most of your Vegas trip.


What kind of shoes you need to pack also depends on your summer itinerary. Since exploring Sin City usually involves a lot of walking, you should have at least one sturdy and comfy pair of walking shoes. If you’re planning on going hiking or doing outdoor activities, you may also keep a pair of hiking boots for the purpose.

Similarly, one pair of heels is more than enough for your fancy nights out. A classic pair of black stilettos matches just about any outfit and can be worn with multiple cocktail dresses. You should also pack a pair of flip flops for your poolside adventures.

woman by the poolside


Now that you’ve got your clothing and footwear sorted, let’s take a look at the accessories you’ll need for your summer trip.

Keep a cross-body bag, fanny pack, or a small backpack for your daytime adventures in the city, and a clutch for your formal nights. You’ll also need your sunglasses and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. Since exploring the Strip during the day can get tiring pretty fast, you should also consider packing a couple of hydration sachets.

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