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What’s So Special About Atlanta’s Escape Rooms?

What’s So Special About Atlanta’s Escape Rooms?

As escape rooms increase in popularity across the nation, there’s one city that has been offering an escape room experience like no other: Atlanta.

Over the past three years, Atlanta has become well-known for its interactive, immaculately planned, thrilling, stimulating, and all-out incredible escape rooms. In fact, thousands of escape room aficionados have been traveling to Atlanta just to see what the hype is all about.

If you’re curious about what makes Atlanta’s escape rooms so special, we’ve created a guide to help you get started. Continue reading!

1. Variety of Rooms

Recognized as the #1 escape room provider in America, Escape The Room stands out for its variety of rooms. Travelers can choose between The Rec Room, The Newsroom, and The Apartment—each of which is packed with stimulating clues, adventure, excitement, mind-bending puzzles, secret compartments, and thrilling mysteries.

Each group gets 60 minutes to escape the room. Instead of simply creating one type of escape room, Escape The Room has created three enriching and thrilling experiences that are like no other.

2. Unpredictability

If you’ve had bad escape room experiences in the past, they were most likely predictable to the bone. A great escape room is thrilling and unpredictable. As you solve the clues, you’re never left wondering why they didn’t make things harder.

Nothing comes to you immediately; you have to rack your brain and work as a group to get there. And once you get there, the euphoria that settles in is worth putting every brain cell in your nervous system to use.

3. Enjoyable as a Group


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Over the years, escape rooms have become so complex that they cannot be enjoyed as a group. By making the plot and puzzles extremely convoluted and undecipherable, many escape room organizers have taken the fun out of it.

Atlanta’s escape rooms aren’t impossible to solve. They’re structured in a way that the group is required to rack their brains, but they’re not left hanging for the entirety of the experience. The answers start coming in and once they do, the experience becomes more enriching and exciting for the group as a whole.

While the rooms are complex, they’re not complex enough to drive people to boredom. As a group, you’ll be on your toes the entire time. At the end of the day, you’ll leave the adventure with incredible memories and not a tinge of regret.

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Ready to experience the magic of Atlanta’s escape rooms? As you plan a weekend getaway or mini trip to Atlanta, make sure you have a stress-free and hassle-free experience.

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