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When’s the Best Time to Visit Vegas?

When’s the Best Time to Visit Vegas?

While you might want to take a gamble when visiting Vegas since that is what Vegas is all about anyway, we’d still like to tell you that it’s best you visit Vegas in . . .

Definitely Not the Summer

Vegas might be all glam and glitter, but let’s not forget that it is practically a desert. In most ways, it is like the Dubai of the USA: a glamorous, glitzy city in the middle of a desert. Summertime temperatures, therefore, can go up to 100 degrees and beyond in the daytime. Unless you want a heat stroke or sunburn, or both, you might want to avoid visiting in the summer months.

The Best Months to Visit Vegas

You can totally visit Vegas any time of the year, but if you really want our word, then opt for March through May or September through November. These are months when you’ll find the weather in Vegas to be decent enough for travel. Spring and fall are generally two of the best times to visit hot places, especially if the place happens to be situated in the middle of a desert.

Avoid Heavy Tourist Months

Tourists love visiting Sin City in the winters, and it isn’t difficult to see why: Vegas is in the desert after all and can get pretty hot in other months. In the winter, temperatures are usually low, and people have vacations to boot. As a result, you have a city that is inundated by people from all over the country as well as from around the world.

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New Year’s Eve is a particular favorite. We’d generally advise you to avoid these times since Vegas is very crowded come holiday season. Hotels are overbooked, flights are stretched to the limit, and there are people everywhere—as far as the eye can see. Not really that great a prospect if you want to visit Vegas and explore it on your own.

Is the Pandemic a Good Time to Visit Vegas?

Pandemic-weary travelers are already hitting back and filing into Vegas for purposes ranging from business needs to vacations. With vaccination drives being carried out across the country, the risk of contagion has been considerably reduced, but that doesn’t mean it has ceased to exist.

People who have visited Sin City in the pandemic have remarked that it still pretty much offers the same experiences. Of course, you won’t find pool parties or rock concerts happening for the time being, but the hotels are still open, and so are the bars. The locals and businesspeople are taking COVID restrictions and precautions very seriously, so you’ll be okay.

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