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Where Can I Store My Luggage in Las Vegas?

Where Can I Store My Luggage in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a place you go to have some fun. You don’t go to Vegas to sit back and watch your luggage. What are we, adventurers or watchers on the wall? You should have the luxury to go around Vegas and gamble a little without worrying about luggage storage options.

Gambling in Vegas is only good in the casinos—and not with your luggage. That’s a risk you don’t want to take—here are your options:

In a Hotel

Hotels are the first option that jumps to mind when you think of places for storing your luggage. There are, however, a few problems that arise.


First, hotels are expensive—and hotels in Las Vegas more so. The average cost of a hotel room for one night in Vegas is something around $132 for a night. Now, let’s say, all you have to do is keep your luggage in a safe place for just one night. You’re going to be outside anyway—enjoying Vegas in all its glory. Now, how would you feel if you had to pay a hotel—an average hotel, more importantly—more than $100 just to keep your luggage there?

Motels? Guest Rooms? Airbnb?

Why not? They’re cheaper than hotels. However, they’re also far less safe. Hotels, whatever their faults, are responsible organizations. Hotel theft isn’t unheard of, but it’s far less common compared to the possibility of theft in places like motels and guest rooms.

If you’re carrying something of value—even if of sentimental value—you’d want to store it someplace a tad safer than your local motel. Airbnbs might be a good idea, but not if you have really valuable items.

Is Lugging an Option?

Certainly not. Other than the fact that it’s just going to make enjoying Vegas difficult, it’s also just not going to get you many places. Try getting into a casino with your suitcase. Yeah, that’s never happening.

Lugging is also not a very functional idea, for multiple reasons. First, it’s difficult to deal with all that luggage on our own. Second, you’re always on edge—even with one bag. You’re scared for its safety. You’re worried someone—a very skilled criminal, for instance—might make away with it.

Or… Leave it with Cubby

What better than a luggage storage service that exists to solve this very problem of yours? With operations in Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Galveston, Fort Worth, Boston, Houston, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, and San Antonio, we charge the affordable rate of $5.90 to store one bag for one night.