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Which Foods is Vegas Famous For?

Which Foods is Vegas Famous For?

Las Vegas is famous for a lot of things—but is food one of them? The first thing you think of is probably booze and gambling and escorts and casinos, but food? Well, as it turns out, Las Vegas is a food haven, and you’re in for an absolute treat.

To start with, Vegas is an absolute paradise when it comes to celebrity chefs. You have everyone from Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen (“Where’s the lamb sauce?) to Cut by Wolfgang Puck. If you know who Wolfgang Puck is and what the deal with the lamb sauce is, we’re already assuming your love for food is unmatched—and we’ve got some quick suggestions to make for your Vegas trip!

Dirt Dogs

Dirt Dogs may not be dirt cheap, but they’re still more affordable than a lot of food outlets—and it’s got a dirty little secret: flaming hot red Cheetos on everything. You get the classic Mexican corn with an extra spicy twist and cheese bubbling on top.

Hash House a Go Go

From the waffles to the fried chicken, it’s food like you’ve never had it before. Think waffles but with bacon imprinted into them. Think a massive chunk of delicious deep-fried chicken breasts with a fried leek shower on top. And this epic meal is assembled to perfection with a knife stabbed into the chicken breasts and bacon waffles—to hold it together, of course.

Hell’s Kitchen

Beef Wellington with gravy

This had to be on the list considering the show Gordon Ramsay always brings to the table. And with his signature beef wellington on the menu, prepared by chefs who were trained like militiamen in Hell(‘s Kitchen), there’s no way you’re missing out on this. Expect a cut of filet mignon enveloped in a beautiful buttery pastry that looks like it might fall apart. Between the crisp puff pastry and the tender meat is a juicy mushroom paste that binds everything together in perfect harmony.

And if that’s too much for you, gorge on Vegas street food, get back home, and make the signature dish for yourself—here’s Gordon Ramsay’s recipe.

Want to Save Money to Gorge on More Food?

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