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Why You Can’t Skip A Cirque Du Soleil Performance Before Leaving The Strip

Why You Can’t Skip A Cirque Du Soleil Performance Before Leaving The Strip

A dramatic range of performances that ranges from family-friendly shows to some very NSFW acts, the Cirque Du Soleil is as Las Vegas in spirit as gambling. So, you know that you can’t very much skip the show before you head back to your normal life. Yet, you’re not sure what you’re in for!

Not to worry, Cubby is here to impart some facts on the fabulous Cirque Du Soleil performances, and why seeing one should definitely be on your Las Vegas bucket list!

– The Acrobatics

In essence, Cirque Du Soleil is a circus act. With sophisticated clowns (yes, really!), amazing jugglers and acrobatics that’ll have you at the edge of your seat, the Cirque Du Soleil show encompasses all the elements of an entertaining circus performance. Only, with no animals in sight as one would see in a traditional circus performance, the show is focused more on highlighting the strength and beauty of their act, rather than any funny antics.

– The Dramatics

Consider Cirque Du Soleil to be a grander, posh version of the circus!

With gorgeous costumes, colorful, elegant makeup and styles that fit perfectly with the theme of the show, every factor of the Cirque Du Soleil performance is planned out from the get-go.

– The Execution

A big reason why the Cirque Du Soleil show is so popular is because of its production and execution. From lighting to detail to the composition of music and bodies, everything is planned out perfectly. But, given that this is an almost sold-out show in Las Vegas, you can’t really expect anything less from some of the city’s star performers.

– The Music

While every circus has its own live band, with Cirque Du Soleil, the musical styling is meant to bring new life into the performance, rather than to just keep the masses entertained! Adding to the auditory experience of the performance, this music isn’t your average circus music, so don’t expect it to be loud and brash.

Why You Can’t Skip A Cirque Du Soleil Performance Before Leaving The Strip

But I’ve Already Checked Out!

Lucky for you, the Cirque Du Soleil doesn’t just host one show for all of Las Vegas!

With performances marked in different hotels on The Strip, you should be able to fit a show, even before your flight. Just leave your luggage with a luggage storage provider in Las Vegas through Cubby and book your tickets!

With 7 shows on offer every week, you should be able to find a show that would fit your travel schedule and your taste in theatre!

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