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Why You Need to Visit the Natural History Museum in D.C.!

Why You Need to Visit the Natural History Museum in D.C.!

While the jury is still out on whether or not time travel is possible, many people seem to forget that we already found a way to walk down history’s most significant time periods. All you have to do is go to a museum that’s filled with all the cultural and historical artifacts that you need to get a glimpse of the world that lived before us!

And what better place to revive your historical knowledge than by visiting a Smithsonian Natural History Museum, that too in Washington, DC! Here are some wonders that are bound to awaken the history buff within you.

Hall of Fossils

Have you ever wondered what it was like on Earth before humans existed? How giant the dinosaurs were, or how they spent their life traveling the green, untouched world? If so, then the David H. Koch Hall of Fossils will be a mesmerizing experience.

Not only do you get to learn about the giant, magnificent dinosaurs, but you also get to be as close to them as humanly possible. Paleontologists have pieced together the fossils to display the sheer size and shape of the dinosaurs that lived millions of years ago. The hall walks visitors through a visual representation of the 630 million years of evolution humanity has gone through.

African Voices

Close up of wooden African mask.

The pandemic has put a halt to everyone’s long-distance travel plans, especially outside the country. Now, more than ever, the African Voices exhibition at the Natural History Museum is gaining popularity for transporting visitors to a whole other continent through the use of their senses.

The African Voices exhibition brings you face-to-face with Africa’s rich culture and all the history attached to the continent. From historical movies to listening stations, you will feel connected and inspired by the exotic and immersive experience.

Mega Toothed Shark

Did you know that 80% of the ocean is unexplored by humankind? And even the parts we have explored are continually surprising us with new and fascinating facts! So, it only makes sense to dedicate an exhibition to the big white shark!

While we hope you never come too close to a shark in real life, you can marvel at the 52-foot tall female shark model up close and personal in the museum. Take a look at the top predator’s anatomy and learn more about their journey through the sea.

The Smithsonian offers 17 museums and galleries, including a national Zoo in D.C. If you plan to visit as many locations as possible, why not opt for a safe location to store your luggage? Opt for Cubby’s luggage storage service in Washington, DC, and never worry about losing your belongings while sight-seeing!

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