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Why you Should Take Your Children on a Trip to Boston for Christmas

Why you Should Take Your Children on a Trip to Boston for Christmas

Christmas in Boston—and we’re saying this with full confidence—is a winter wonderland! Think about it: Victorian buildings and red brick architecture, a snowy blanket all around, and a good helping of trees added to the mix. Sound like A Christmas Carol yet? Because we sure think Boston at Christmas time can rival the Dickens novel!

We highly encourage you to take your children along with you if you’re traveling to Boston, for the following reasons:

Quincy Market

Boston in the winter

Quincy Market has multiple attractions in one place. You can shop, watch Christmas trees light up, light and sound shows, and so much more! There are also several additional and special, holiday-specific events happening at Quincy Market around this time, so you’ll have quite the day!

The Boston Common

The Boston Common is a huge and hugely famous park—and for good reason. We can’t begin to tell you how amazing it looks after snowfall: those snow-capped trees with fairy lights dispersed on them make it look like you were transported to Rivendell.

Oh, and fun fact: this is America’s oldest park. It is 350 years old, and was founded in 1634. It’s like taking a walk through time!

The Boston Common is a must visit, especially at night. It’s perfectly pearly visage, the stark brown of the leafless trees, their garbs of luminous golden light, and the couples walking around with their hot chocolates—it’s irresistible!

Back Bay

Did we mention winter wonderland? Because Back Bay is where winter wonderland gets all too real! We’re assuming you already took our advice and headed to the Boston Common. From there, head on to Back Bay. Back Bay is generally picturesque throughout the year—but come Christmas time, it lights up multifold!

Those pathways lined with trees and streetlamps, the road pregnant with its heaps of virgin snow, and the general chill in the air—all of this will leave your children supremely happy that you chose this unique, magical experience for them.

And if you want further advice, just head on to Beacon Hill!

Visiting Boston Around Christmas?

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