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Why You Shouldn’t Check Your Luggage at the Airport During a Layover

Why You Shouldn’t Check Your Luggage at the Airport During a Layover

You’ve just found out that your hour-long layover has been extended to a day-long one. You’re exhausted already from your trip and you’re ready to call it quits.

Do you do what’s natural and check your luggage for the next destination anyway so you can walk around, free of the burden?

While common sense might say yes, checking your luggage at the airport and leaving can only bring in more trouble, something you cannot afford to have at the moment. Here’s why!

It’ll Cost You

While some airlines don’t charge much for the first bag, they will tag about $20–$50 for every additional bag you add. Now that’s just highway robbery! Not to mention that to pay this exuberant cost, you’ll have to wait in line for a long while. And that’ll just add to your exhaustion!

It’ll Be Safer

We’ve all heard tales of luggage getting lost during connective flights and ending up in Timbuktu! So why would you want to have your luggage have the same fate? With your luggage in your hands, you can have the peace of mind knowing that all your possessions are safe.

You’ll Have Fewer Things to Lug Around

Especially if you travel plenty, knowing that you’ll have to take your luggage around will mean that you’ll pack less. You’ll avoid bringing heavy, bulky items with you and your packing system will become efficient and short. You’ll have less stress and luggage to worry about if you’re the forgetful type.

You’ll Have Everything You Need in Case of Delays

Like this long layover, you’ll also face plenty of delays if you travel during the holidays. If you have to camp out or go into the city due to an unforeseen delay, it’ll be more comfortable for you if you have all your belongings with you at all times!

You Can Store it with Someone You Trust

If you do decide to go into town, you can opt for airport luggage storage with a reliable Cubber through Cubby, instead of leaving it at the airport. Knowing that your luggage and bigger belongings are in safe hands, you can roam around the city with ease, and take your stuff back when it’s time to fly. A functional, practical method, this will save you from the discomfort of bringing your luggage into smaller places like restaurants or even on busy sidewalks!

Have We Convinced You?


Don’t let your layover bring you down! Spend your time exploring the city or just relaxing without your hefty luggage!

Book a Cubber online in any of the 9 cities we work! We offer services in Boston, Washington D.C., and Houston, Austin, Galveston, Dallas as well as Fort Worth and San Antonio, TX!

Opt for luggage storage with Cubby and enjoy this part of your travels!

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