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Your Guide to Eating in D.C.

Your Guide to Eating in D.C.

23.8 million people visit Washington D.C. every year. They love its many historic buildings, its endless sally of museums, its diversity and culture, and last but not the least: its food. Of course, when you’re in D.C. (or someplace else), you can’t really go without eating—and we know how confusing it can get to find something to eat in a city that has so much to offer.

Which is why we have put together a list of guidelines for you!

D.C.: Where You Can Get Everything

One of the things that make D.C. so great and so unique as a city to enjoy eating in is the fact that D.C. is no stranger to multiple cuisines. It is, reportedly, one of the most diverse places in the world. You have people of every race, nationality, religion, and culture residing here. D.C. is also refugee haven and hence you’ll find the quaintest, most delightful cuisines making their way into the local fabric.

Eating in D.C. is an experience like no other. It’s like touring the world to try all the food there is—only you’re doing it in just one city.


If you aren’t one for experimentation and want to stick to the regular fare, instead, we say you should go for pizzas. There are plenty of pizza places around town in D.C.: Wiseguy Pizza, Timber Pizza Company, Stellina Pizzeria, and so many more. There’s probably one pizza place in very street and on every corner—these shouldn’t be difficult to spot.

Middle Eastern


If you’re looking for something spicier than the regular fare and want to hit it with the hummus and the falafels, try one of Washington’s many Middle Eastern eateries. Middle Eastern and North African Grill brings the best of two worlds together—the Middle East and Africa—and you might want to try that. Call Your Mother, on the other hand, is a Jewish eatery that you can line up for the next turn.


Washington D.C. has a sizeable South Asian population from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. You know what this means? This means curry heaven—and spice like you’ve never had anywhere else. If you’re looking for authentic Indian food that’s rich and exotic our favorite is Rasika.

Chinese and Korean

Want to have a taste of the Orient instead? Visit the Maryland suburbs or Northern Virginia to get your taste of Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese food to your heart’s content. You can choose from a long list—but we love Mama Chang!

And While You’re Out Eating. . .
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