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Your Guide to Ensuring Personal Safety in Galveston, Texas

Your Guide to Ensuring Personal Safety in Galveston, Texas

A fun town near Houston with nice beaches and people pooling in from around the country—what could go wrong, right?

And yet, so many people are often concerned about the crime rate or safety stats down in Galveston. Perhaps it’s because they’ve never been to Galveston and are simply afraid of the unconscious.

If you’re one of those people, we’re here to quell your fears.

Some Troubling Stats

Okay, be not alarmed—but Galveston’s statistics do stand starkly out. Its crime rate is 38/1000 residents—and that’s one of the highest in the state. Galveston is safer than only 9% of U.S. cities—which entails that it isn’t exactly the fireplace. The national median for crime rate is 4—Texas has its at 4.11, whereas Galveston rests at 5.31.

However, if you were starting to freak out, don’t. The good news (if it can be called good news) is that most of it is petty crime. Violent crimes—such as rape and murder—are rare.

More good news is that travelers to Galveston have always had good things to say about it. Travelers on TripAdvisor, for example, can be seen extolling Galveston. Locals and travelers on Quora, too, have answered in a similar strain, and that’s reassuring.

So what do you need protection from?

The Weather

If there’s one thing you do need to protect yourself from in Galveston, it’s the heat. It can get pretty hot. Carry sunscreen and maybe a hat. Also, be on the lookout for hurricane warnings because those, too, are to be found aplenty.

The Water

waves crashing against a shoreGalveston is a beach town—that’s why it’s popular among teenagers and young adults in Houston and other nearby areas. The waters are pretty safe—there are no piranhas, or sharks, or megalodons down there. You do need to look out for sharp rocks that could cut you. Strong tides can also be a problem. We wouldn’t suggest heading down to the beach at night.

And finally, beware of the birds. In this case, it’s the seagulls. They won’t exactly attack you, but they can cluster in swarms. Whatever you do, don’t watch Hitchcock’s’ The Birds before heading down to a Galveston beach.

The Crime

Finally—and this is probably what you came for—we’d say you should follow all basic safety rules you’d follow anywhere else. These include:

– Not going out alone at night, and if you do, then taking extra precautions

– Not being too chummy with strangers, accepting drinks, etc.

– Not giving out any information to strangers

– Keeping your GPS on and mobile charged and sharing your location with a friend/family member

You’ll be Pretty Safe in Galveston

If it isn’t your own but your luggage’s safety that you’re concerned about, we’ve got solutions for that, too. Leave your bags with us at Cubby. We’re a luggage-storage service provider in Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Galveston, Fort Worth, Boston, Houston, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, and San Antonio.